Both online and in person (in New Jersey), I guide individuals interested in remembering, exploring, understanding, and excavating their dreams. My work with clients is rooted in Natural Dreamwork. (You can read more about Natural Dreamwork here.)

When we are dreaming, our dreams often feel as “real” to us as our waking life experiences; sometimes even more real.

We experience real joy, real terror. Real excitement, real confusion. Real desire, real shame.

Have you had a dream like that?

Natural Dreamwork honors the realness of our dreams. Together, you and I will engage with the events, images, encounters, and feelings in our dreams as worthy of real attention and care.

Dreamwork engages the senses and activates memory, reconnecting you to past versions of yourself or enabling visions of the future, often generating hope and healing.

In our sessions together, we re-enter the dream, slow it down, and walk it again together. There are many benefits to doing so. First of all, you may discover that by working deeply with a dream, you will feel and heal in ways you didn’t even know you could or needed to.

With dreamwork, we begin to identify the patterns that play out again and again in our dreams, and learn how to recognize them in waking life, as well. We also start to reconnect with our desires, our creativity, our interests, and our passion for life and for people.

Clients choose to work with me for a variety of reasons, including a desire to remember more dreams, understand “strange” or recurring dreams and nightmares, heal old wounds, feel more alive and connected in waking life, or mend relationships with themselves, their loved ones, or people who have passed.

Some clients also choose to meet to discuss and explore paranormal or supernatural experiences they’ve had in dreams or in waking life. 

We all have blind spots, especially when it comes to dreams, which are sometimes surreal, outside of typical time or space, or difficult to make sense of. A trusted dream practitioner familiar with the “dream landscape” will hopefully offer you a supportive and objective presence and act as guide during the working of dreams. That’s the goal.

Note: You do not need to be an “active” dreamer in order to begin dreamwork. Some clients, in fact, choose to engage in dreamwork as a means for remembering their dreams. Everyone dreams, and with a bit of intention and practice, dreams will arise in our waking memory more easily and frequently. 


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In addition to this web site, I have written dream-related articles on my Medium publication “Into the Dream,” and on the Natural Dreamwork web site.  

On a monthly basis, I offer a dream-related “audio chat” (imagine a love child between a podcast and a whatsapp voice memo from a good friend) on Patreon. These are available free to the public for one month after release. Back episodes are available for a low subscription fee that directly supports my dream research.

Work With Me

To get in touch with me about working one-on-one or to learn more about whether dreamwork is something you would benefit from, please send an email to:

I meet with clients on Zoom or in-person in my office in Marlton, NJ. Sessions are typically 60 – 75 minutes long. Most clients choose to meet weekly or every other week. My session rate for regular clients is $80. I offer a one-time introductory package for individuals interested in trying Natural Dreamwork.

Individuals who are interested in meeting just once to discuss a dream or dream-related issue are always welcome. The fee is $100 for an hour consultation.

(Note: Natural Dreamwork is not psychotherapy and I am not a licensed psychotherapist or medical doctor. The articles on this web site or elsewhere on the internet are offered as educational resources, not medical advice. Natural Dreamwork Practitioners do commit to ethical practice following the Association of Dreamwork Practitioners Code of Ethics.)

Writing & Editing

I have been a professional journalist, content writer, and editor since 1997. I am also a published author, essayist, and poet. 

Recent contracted assignments include interviews for The Times of Israel, book draft editing for authors, and content marketing for physicians,  wellness practitioners, and nonprofit organizations. Specialty areas include tech, Jewish nonprofit, spirituality, literature, the paranormal, health, mental health, relationships, and family matters.

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