Marketing Strategy

Jen is a veteran marketing executive with experience in planning and executing creative marketing strategies, branding & re-branding initiatives, growing startups & small-to-midsize companies, and supporting thought-leaders with positioning and artful communications.

Jen brings many years of experience marketing businesses and organizations in the following industries: tech (including cloud, devops, AI, medtech, security, finance, and agritech); health & wellness (including consumer products, alternative therapies, & sustainability); children’s and adult book publishing; Jewish non-profit; and spiritual-focused organizations.

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Writing & Editing

Jen has been a professional journalist, content writer, and editor since 1997. She also is a published author, essayist, and poet. Jen’s writing and editing experience includes creation, editing, and review of the following: long-form (ebooks, white papers, full-length memoirs and novels), short-form (blog posts, web site copy), slogans, taglines, investor presentations, brochures, social media, influencer marketing materials, academic manuscripts, as well as short scriptwriting for promotional videos, and speeches.

Jen also is an experienced content strategist, creator, and editorial planner skilled at high-level content planning, as well as creation of blogs and long-form content, spanning multiple industries including high tech, healthcare, wellness, alternative medicine, climate change and sustainability, parapsychology, psychology, publishing, as well as children and YA consumer products.

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Business Brainstorming

Jen has 25+ years experience supporting entrepreneurs and innovators with new start-up ideas, product development, business expansion, and lead generation.

She is an active and empathetic listener. With these skills, she offers objective feedback, advice, and support to solo practitioners or independent business people who need a cheerleader, champion, or the ear of an open-minded creator to bounce ideas off of.

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Dreamwork and Intuitive Healing

Jen has been researching precognitive dreaming for more than a decade. She works with individual clients using a novel modality that incorporates dreamwork, mental time travel, astrology, storytelling, and actively engaging with synchronicity.

Jen is also currently studying Natural Dreamwork and working towards certification in this method of therapeutic dream therapy.

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