Introductory Offer: One-on-One Natural Dreamwork Session

Natural Dreamwork is a unique approach to working with our dreams as a way to achieve emotional well-being and gain insights about ourselves. The one-on-one work we do together provides a container and framework for your spiritual and personal growth. It’s not a one-off “dream interpretation session,” or a loose, general conversation about dream symbols. A Natural Dreamwork session is about you, specifically, and your dreams. I would call it soul work, and therefore, is unique to you.

Natural Dreamwork is deep, relational work. I am there as a guide, not as an interpreter. However, as guide, I serve as a listener to you and your dreams, and as a companion as you explore the depths. I engage with you about what I see in your dreams. I encourage you to feel into the events and encounters in the dream, rather than try to theorize about them or contextualize them. If it sounds like an embodied approach to dreamwork, that’s because it is! 

In Natural Dreamwork, our belief is that the language our dreams speak to us is the language of image and feelings. However, most of us are shut off from or avoid our feelings. Therefore, we miss opportunities for healing that our dream images and encounters present us with. Natural Dreamwork aims to reconnect you with your feelings, via dreams.

Natural Dreamwork clients report many benefits from this ongoing work, including improved interpersonal relationships, more awareness of unhealthy patterns, more optimistic outlooks on life, breakthroughs in healing old wounds, and a greater sense of embodiment and well-being. Many also report that they experience more occasions of awe, wonder, support or comfort, and synchronicity in their waking life, as a result.

Because Natural Dreamwork may be a little different from other dreamwork or modalities you have tried in the past, I’m offering for a limited time an introductory package.

Introductory Package (for new clients only)

The introductory package is for 4 weekly or bi-weekly sessions. The total cost is $160, which includes a 30-minute introductory call, and 4 one-hour, online Natural Dreamwork sessions. The sessions must transpire weekly or every other week, so that we get to know each other, you become familiar with Natural Dreamwork, and the dreams and dreamwork can benefit from continuity.

After that, should you choose to continue, the cost of an individual one-hour session is $80. 

As always, individuals who are interested in discussing just one dream or just one dream-related issue are always welcome. The fee is $100 for an hour consultation.

For more information or to schedule, please email me at jensonsteinmaidenberg at 

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