Listen! 馃帶 Six Episodes of Dreaming Out Loud

Do you know I produce a monthly “audio chat” about dreams on Patreon? It’s called “Dreaming Out Loud with Jen.”

If you prefer listening to podcasts or YouTube videos over reading articles or blog posts, you might find these short little conversations on Patreon fun or useful.

I call them “audio chats” because they are unscripted and unedited. They aren’t podcasts. There is no “intro” or “outro” or advertising. Each one is basically just me chatting with you about a specific idea that intersects somehow with dreams, memory, time, hope, love or healing.聽

It’s casual. It’s a low-key way for us to get to know each other better.

For the month of June, I’ve opened up my Patreon for listening even if you aren’t a monthly subscriber.

Typically, if you aren’t a subscriber, you can only listen to the most recent audio chat. But because I LOVE JUNE– and because June enables me to tap into the essence of liberation and joy even when I am not actively feeling liberated or joyful–I want to share ALL the audio chats I’ve recorded in 2022 with whomever wants to listen.聽

So…it’s a great time to check out any or all of the 2022 episodes if you haven’t already.

Each is 20-25 minutes long; perfect for listening on a drive to work, while doing the dishes, while waiting for the plumber to come, or drifting off to sleep. (I won’t be offended if you fall asleep while listening. It’s a compliment I have quietly paid to some of my most favorite YouTubers.)

Dreaming Out Loud 6/2022:

“Are Dreams a Primer for Telepathy? A Radio Stationed Across Time?”

Dreaming Out Loud 5/2022:

“Music and Love: Is There a Link?”

Dreaming Out Loud 4/2022:

“Time Travel in Dreams: Can We Change the Future? Should We?”

Dreaming Out Loud 3/2022:

“Do Dreams Matter? Are They Even Real?”

Dreaming Out Loud 2/2022:

“Dissolving Regrets, Parallel Lives, & Mental Time Travel”

Dreaming Out Loud 1/2022:

“Reincarnation, and the Healing Benefits of Forgetting”

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