One-on-One Dreamwork & Spiritual Development

I am currently open for one-on-one dreamwork sessions, as well as intuitive readings. (An intuitive reading may include working with dreams, or may not.)  Generally, I guide and support individuals seeking to engage with their dreams as a way of expanding and deepening their experience with life. My hope is that I can be a part of your journey in a way that’s beneficial and comforting.

Depending on the unique needs of the client, our work may center on healing new or old wounds, identifying patterns and cycles, undoing lifelong conditioning and beliefs, repairing relationships with others and self, increasing creativity and wonder, or generally feeling more alive, balanced, or grounded.

Sometimes there is no goal. Perhaps, you just want to better understand your dreams and dream life. I’m happy to support you with that, too!

I love dreams and I love dreamwork. I have been actively engaging with dreams since I was a little girl, and it’s truly my pleasure to listen to your dreams.

In addition to dreamwork and intuitive readings, I also guide individuals seeking to develop their psychic abilities and intuition, as I believe these are skills every human possesses; we simply need to remember that we do and figure out ways to awaken our natural abilities.

Dreamwork is extremely supportive of strengthening our precognitive abilities, in particular, but also is useful for sharpening extrasensory perception, including channeling, telepathy, and telekinesis. I also have discovered ways in which painting, song, walks in nature, and synchronicity can contribute to expanding our senses beyond the ordinary.

More information on services and fees here. Before we set up a first appointment, I like to understand a little more about you and your needs. You may reach out to me by email at to get that conversation started. 

I am happy to work with all individuals, no matter how they identify. Dreamwork is extremely supportive for teenagers, and I gladly work with teens who have parental approval. 

(Note: The content on this web site is not medical advice, and I am not a medical practitioner.)

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