Friday writing challenge: 15 minutes of…

In Israel, Fridays are Saturdays. Which is to say — they are the first full day of the weekend.

But Fridays aren’t Saturdays.

For many reasons.

For one, Friday is the day leading up to Shabbat — the 25-hour or so rest period during the week for observant Jews.

We’re not observant Jews.

But we’re not, non-observant Jews.

I often refer to myself here in Israel as a Jew-in-progress.

I am playing with my Judaism.

It’s fun.

For me, Shabbat means dressed up Fridays and a Saturday morning buffet unlike any I’ve ever experienced before.

Fridays are a day to prepare for Shabbat, so that Saturday we may relax and enjoy being in the moment. Each moment. Whether the moment is a board game with my son, or a meditation group with my neighbors, or a quick nap in front of the TV.

On Fridays, we clean the house (since we never have time or energy during the work week); we prepare a nice dinner for our family or for guests (since Friday is the only night we truly eat together as  family); and — if we’re really lucky — my husband and I might find time for a snooze or a chapter or a whatever it is we want to do with our limited free time left.

My kids all have programs on Friday mornings, which is awesome.

But what typically happens is my husband and I spend the entire morning cleaning and cooking and then right at 11:45 am, 15 minutes before the kids come home, we’re finished.

We have 15 minutes left.

What can you do with 15 minutes?

Not really enough time to chill or read or watch the 12 hours of recorded programs on our DVR.

But 15 minutes IS enough time to write.

Most people would say, “not so.”

What can you write in 15 minutes?

What they really mean is: How well can you write in 15 minutes?

Well, what if the point was not to write well?

But just write … and share what you’ve written.

No time to think through your topic carefully. No time to outline your story. No time to proofread or edit.

No time left.

Writing this way requires a completely different mindset.

It means … you have to let go.

And just write.

For me, this is almost unspeakable. Except I just spoke it.

And I’m about to do it.

Want to play with me?

If so, go ahead. Write something. Then, add a link to your 15-minute Friday writing challenge post in the comments below. Tag your post 15-minute Friday.

Can’t wait to see what happens when you, too, choose to let go … and just write.

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