How do you say Grinch in Hebrew?

The freak storm has almost passed.

And while I’m still huddling in front of our wood-burning stove like a Depression era bum, the moody hail-filled clouds have moved on to harass someone else.

My house still stands.

The big one at least.


Sure, it’s covered in wall-to-wall mud.

Sure our boots and winter jackets line the floor of my hallway.

But it’s here, planted on solid ground. Not upside down; not on top of a smushed witch in Kansas.

And we have power. And internet connection.

All is well.

And I will be a good gracious little girl. I will not begrudge my friends in Jerusalem their snowman-building pleasures.

Or my friends in Neve Daniel their snow day.

Photo by Laura Ben David on @instagram
Photo by Laura Ben David on @instagram

I won’t gripe out loud that it’s not fair that you get to spend your day making snow angels and sipping choco, while I have to spend mine behind the computer working or behind the Israeli version of a mop doing sponga.


Nope, I won’t moan or groan or say how unfair it is. (As if Jerusalem doesn’t already have big malls, natural food stores, a good public transportation, and the blessing of God. Now you get SNOW?)

Nope. I’m happy for you guys.

Really, I am.

I’ll prove it. Post links to your pics below. I want to revel in your snow joy!

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