One Shabbat


All it takes is one Shabbat

annie shabbat jan 2013

One morning to clean

One afternoon to cook

One evening to shower and dress  in your handsome clothes…

Just one Shabbat.

One morning to sleep in … until 7.

One weekly meditation group.

One quiet admission.

One hour to sit

with your coffee.

One hour to zooooooooommmm down the slide

with your son

oliver january 2013

Just one Shabbat.

One new idea.

One minute to hold your husband’s hand.

One glimpse of your children with your weekend pair of eyes.

kids forest jan 2013

Just one Shabbat.

Just one

to remember how it feels to laugh

late at night

in bed…

without looking at the clock.

Just one

to remember what breakfast tastes like.

Just one

to rediscover your purpose.

Your passion.


Just one

Just one Shabbat.

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