Seeking Guidance With Your Spiritual Awakening?

Is it necessary to move through a spiritual awakening alone? I’m not sure. Maybe for some or parts of it. But I know that on my own journey, especially over the last seven years since I turned 40, there have been times I’ve desperately sought out a teacher, a guide, or at least a teammate to share my discoveries with, and to be validated through or by.

Occasionally, I’ve been fortunate enough to find myself in places or situations with just the right person to guide me; whether it’s been a friend to practice magic or telepathy with, a like-minded seeker to walk the woods with or notice the moon, or a gentle practitioner to open my mind and body up to new ways of interacting with the world and people around me.

Yes, I’ve been lucky.

That said, there have been other times during which I’ve felt very alone, confused, scared…and worse, not believed, nor encouraged; especially when it came to less-than-prevailing beliefs or ideas. Since I was a little girl I’ve believed in many such ideas, as well as systems, creatures, and capabilities others around me thought at best, fantastical, and at worst, pathological.

Let’s name some of those: psi abilities, precognition, aliens, ghosts, reincarnation, afterlife, mediumship, witches, unicorns, magic, greek gods, lucid dreams, hands-on healing, numerology, synchronicity, and ancient civilizations such as Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu.

I am 47 years old and I believe in the possibility of all of these phenomena. I have first-hand experience with some, and intuitive knowing about others. It took me a long time to make that statement, let alone share it publicly on the internet.

I know I’m not the only one who feels alone, ashamed, or scared sometimes by her less-than-prevailing beliefs. It’s for this reason, I’ve started to make myself available to other seekers, other humans tired of pretending their beliefs are not true enough or important enough to research, share, or pursue as a profession or life’s purpose.

I do this through one-on-one active listening sessions, both in person and virtually.

What is an active listening session? I suppose the closest common comparison would be therapy or coaching. I don’t call myself a therapist because that would define me in the minds of most as something I am not. I have not studied, nor do I have a license to practice counseling, social work, or psychotherapy. I am not a coach either; not because there is a specific licensing or educational requirement for coaching — I’ve coached many people in my life over the years, particularly in the fields of marketing and communications. But I don’t see this particular role as that of a coach.

I’m not here to help you adjust your stance, find your voice, or assist you in deeply investigating your self-worth or your passions. While these are critical steps on a person’s path of growth (and were on mine), I realized that what I really needed during those early years of spiritual awakening was for someone to listen to me, to believe I wasn’t “making it up,” to ask me questions, to maintain a sense of curiosity while hearing unusual tales and ineffable experiences.

Through active listening, I offer a safe space for revealing that which feels too strange to reveal, too bizarre to even believe, too reality-shifting to accept at first, but too visceral to deny.

Or, perhaps it’s not something so serious. Perhaps, like me, you’ve started to notice strange things about the world around you; you notice colors more often than you used to, you spontaneously developed the ability to sing on key, you dreamed of a city and one day found yourself beneath the arch at its entrance. I’ve once wished for someone to listen to a new poem I wrote, or to tell me it wasn’t strange that a song I’d never heard before sounded hauntingly familiar.

I also listen to your stories that may be more acceptable to some, but still too difficult to bring to your friends and family; stories you’re too afraid to even admit take up mindspace, perhaps, let alone share with someone who knows you. An example may be: you’ve always wanted to live abroad, but you’re afraid to bring up this dream to your partner who is deeply rooted in your hometown. Or, maybe suddenly you’ve become frightened of the dark, hypervigilant the whole night through, and can’t understand why. 

I’m here to listen, and perhaps, if it suits you, to keep listening, and sometimes respond: with book, article or podcast suggestions; online communities to explore; methodologies to experiment with or learn more about; or writing / creative exercises — all with the intention of nourishing and supporting you in whatever way we decide together is healthy and useful.

If this is something you are interested in, please reach out to me via email or set up an intro session using calendly. Fees will be discussed after I learn more about your needs in our initial call or email exchange, but typically my fees for one-on-one work range between $75 – $125/hr. 

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