Seven New Poems (2021)

In 2020 and 2021, writing essays and nonfiction did not come easy. What seemed to want to come out of me was poetry. These poems complemented a period in which I was re-discovering old music, and engaging with new-to-me music.

The series of poems from the past year (and newer ones) may be found on Medium— where reading and engagement with my content supports me financially in a very small, but still meaningful way. 

A Dream, A Riddle, and A Prayer

Feedback Loop

He Went to California

She Says I Can’t. He’s a Whole Season

Such Unlikely Lovers

La Mer

Studio E

What Is Dreamwork?

You picked up a business card with the word “dreamwork,” but you didn’t know what that meant, so you searched up the web site listed…

Dreams and Time

Since I was a little girl, I have been as fascinated with the concept of time travel as I have with the nature of dreams.…