Seven new poems

In 2020 and 2021, writing essays and nonfiction did not come easy. What seemed to want to come out of me was poetry. These poems complemented a period in which I was re-discovering old music, while somewhat manically (driven by a subconscious or other-worldy force) curating playlists to match the season and cycles of time.

The series of poems may be found on Medium— where reading and engagement with my content supports me financially in a very small, but still meaningful way– but links to each are below.

A Dream, A Riddle, and A Prayer

Feedback Loop

He Went to California

She Says I Can’t. He’s a Whole Season

Such Unlikely Lovers

La Mer

Studio E

Welcome to my new site

If you’ve found yourself here, I imagine you may be curious; curious to know more about my writing or my latest work, curious to know…

A lyric essay on love and time

In a year in which creating felt hard, I feel proud and a little bit still-in-love with this flash essay I wrote in May 2021.…