The day I didn’t break up with the Internet

My recent post about my disappointment in the behavior of the Internet (specifically as it related to a Twitter lynch mob against PR professional Justine Sacco) garnered a lot of traffic.

I asked myself, “why?” Sure, the post was opinionated and related to a trending topic. But I think the primary reason is because misery loves company and a lot of people are miserable.

We’re stuck in really bad relationships… With the Internet.

Admit it. You’re bored. Tired. Annoyed. If something better came along — like virtual reality or time travel– you’d totally consider walking away.

We know we’re tiring of the Internet. We’ve even admitted it! We’ve gone on breaks. We’ve dated other … media.

And yet, for various reasons — love, addiction, money — we can’t seem to walk away. Not yet.

Some of us really don’t want to walk away, even though we know we’d be better off if we did. Some of us want to get up, leave, and never look back, but keep making excuses as to why not.

I’m not sure which category I fall into (maybe both, depending on the day) but I do know one thing.

It’s time to detach.

This is my very trendy “one word” for 2014. It’s my teeny tiny bud of a resolution-to-be.


Not detox.


To become unattached.

Attachment, as those of us with even a minor education in mindfulness practice know, is at the root of fear, anger, sadness. When we allow ourselves to not be attached, or in my case, to detach when we become aware of just how attached we are, a whole world of peace and ease opens up to us.

Bye bye fear and anger.

Hello, possibilities.

I am seriously attached. I am way over attached. Ask anyone who knows me in real life and half the people who know me only through my blog.

I got me a serious case of the ‘tach.

So, I’m trying this out. Detaching.

What will my detachment from the Internet look like in real time?

I have absolutely no idea.

I’m open. (See what I just did there? I detached.)

What’s your relationship with the Internet looking like these days? And what’s your teeny tiny bud of a resolution-to-be?

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