Dreams and Time

Since I was a little girl, I have been as fascinated with the concept of time travel as I have with the nature of dreams. It wasn’t well into adulthood, however, that I started contemplating that one possibly related to the other.

Influenced by science fiction tv shows and films like the original Star Trek (my parents were fans when I was a kid) and the original Star Wars trilogy, as well as Quantum Leap, Sliders, Back to the Future, and Peggy Sue Got Married, I was already pretty convinced in the possibility of time travel by the time I was an adult.

For the first half of adulthood, I just assumed time travel could happen only through some kind of machinery or vehicle. It wasn’t really until the last decade or so that I understood–and latched onto–the idea that time travel could happen in the mind, through some manipulation of consciousness.

Of course, that idea alone leads to just more questions. If we time travel in our minds, can we change the past? Can we change the future? If we time travel using our minds, can we interact with material objects and physical reality?

So many questions…

The last few articles I have written on Medium have been on the topic of dreams and time travel. I’m linking them here in case those are topics you’re interested in.

I also dove into the connection between dreams and time in my most recent audio chat on Patreon. 


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New Patreon audio:

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