Is Music an Actual Time Portal?

Lately, I’ve noticed how listening to music that “takes me back” can be both uplifting and gut-wrenching, depending on the music, or on my mood, or on whether or not I feel ready to make contact with the pain or the pleasure of the time the music reminds me of.

Have you had that experience? Of music “taking you back?” 

Putting you in a familiar state? Reminding you of a “you” that you once were but are no longer? 

How does it make you feel? 

Music is time travel. 

I am not making a metaphorical statement when I write that; but rather a claim. 

I believe that music allows us to experientially travel back in time, in a way that feels as real as if we got into a machine, shut the door, opened it, and walked out into 1992.

Part of my current research is related to the use of music as time travel, for the purposes of deep healing.

This research (along with a technology I am working on) is one way I hope to contribute to healing trauma, attachment wounding, and grief. 

AND this is the topic of the conversation I hope you will join me in this month on Patreon! I give examples from my own life and experience, as well as offer a practice you can take on right now that may bring you some relief from the pain of loss, abandonment, betrayal, regret, or shame.

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