Dreamwork and Spiritual Consulting

Jen is a dream researcher and dreamworker. She works one-on-one with individual clients interested in understanding their dreams, personal growth, spiritual expansion, integration, and healing.

Our time together may include some or all of the following: working individual dreams, mindfulness practices (such as meditation), guided imagery, or movement. Our sessions may include discussions of insight experiences or spiritual encounters. Sometimes, we may incorporate creative writing, music, or art, as well. The work depends on the unique desires and needs of the client.

Please consider reading some of the posts on the home page, as the posts are representative of the scope of topics explored with clients.

Note: It’s not required that you currently have an active dream life, or any dreams at all. Clients range from dreamers to non-dreamers to individuals interested in exploring their mystical experiences and spiritual awakenings to those simply seeking an active listener for matters regarding their personal growth, grief, healing, or life changes.

A good place to start learning more about Jen’s approach to dreams is by reading “What Is Dreamwork?” or on Jen’s Medium publication “Into the Dream” where there are articles about dreams, memory, time, spiritual awakening, and consciousness.

Online or in-person sessions (depending on location) are $80/hour. Sliding scale fees are available dependent on need.

To get in touch with Jen about working one-on-one or to learn more about whether dreamwork with Jen is something you would benefit from, you can send an email to:

Writing & Editing

Jen has been a professional journalist, content writer, and editor since 1997. She also is a published author, essayist, and poet. (See About page for a list of some publications.)

An experienced content strategist, developmental editor, and editorial planner, Jen is skilled at high-level content strategy for your business, as well as creation of original short- and long-form content. She also collaborates with influencers and subject-matter experts on authoring ghostwritten articles, blog posts, and book projects.

Rates for writing and editing services range from $80 – $125/hour, depending on the project and scope.

Business Brainstorming

Jen has 25+ years experience supporting entrepreneurs and innovators with new start-up ideas, product development, business expansion, and lead generation. She has worked in management positions in tech marketing, book publishing, and news media. In 2007, she founded Mindful Living NJ, a consultancy that guided and engaged with solo-practitioners and small businesses focused in the holistic health and wellness industry. From 2011 – 2020, Jen worked as a senior marketing and content executive in the Israeli high tech scene, developing and writing content for medtech, agritech, devops, cloud, and cyber security start ups.

An intuitive and empathetic listener, Jen offers objective feedback, advice, and support to entrepreneurs, healing professionals, authors or creatives seeking strategic consulting. Contact Jen for rates.