What Does It Mean to Work a Dream?

What does it mean to work a dream? Simply put, working a dream means remembering it, re-engaging with it, and bringing it to life — with the intention of greater self-awareness, growth, or healing. This work can be done on your own or with a dreamwork practitioner.

Working a dream is different than just thinking about or telling someone your dream. When you work a dream you purposefully recall the details, feelings, and sense experiences of a dream with the belief that doing so will provide insights or inspiration. Doing so will also hopefully awaken us to a deeper sense of ourselves.

In Natural Dreamwork, we don’t interpret dreams or analyze them when we work them. Instead, we slow down a dream, and get curious about our stories of what happened in the dream. When we do this we get a kind of second chance to live through the encounters and experiences of the dream. We begin to notice how our worldview shapes and influences our behavior. We recognize patterns. Slow the dream down enough and we may feel joy, fear, pain, or sadness we did not give ourselves the chance to feel the first time in the dream.

As in waking life, we miss a lot in dreams. We miss opportunities for connection, for intimacy, or for revelation and understanding.

Sometimes when we work a dream, we may choose to reimagine an encounter or the ending in a way that reinforces good, healthy behavior, rather than our old conditioning and bad habits. We can do this even with the “weird” dreams or the fragmented short dream scenes we don’t understand! Sometimes all we need is one dream image to learn so much about ourselves and how we experience our world.

Imagine waking up in the morning after a compelling or confusing dream and telling it to someone who really cares. You become that person for yourself when you start working your dreams.

If you work your dreams with a dreamwork practitioner, that person helps you reflect you back to you by sharing with you what he or she sees in the dream. Dreamwork practitioners are trained to tune into certain elements of the dream that you may miss.

And, unlike your friends or family who may simply tolerate listening to your dreams in the morning, we are excited about your dreams, and look forward to exploring the content with you. 

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